Sakson’s drilling division has a strong focus on the MENA region, offering cost-effective top quartile land drilling services to the industry.Ensuring close cooperation with its clients at all stages of the process, helps to create value through a unique “Integrated Service” business concept. This concept is built around a highly skilled and committed work force, state-of-the-art onshore drilling rigs and years of experience operating in challenging environments. It allows Sakson’s experts to engage with clients from the well planning stage through to the completion of drilling operations, ensuring a continual contribution to the safe and efficient drilling of wells.

Sakson’s integrated service model ensures that. 

1. Bringing a rig into operation results in efficient drilling from the onset, by focusing on early alignment with its clients’ needs and requirements.

2. The capabilities of the drilling rig are methodically planned and aligned with the drilling programme, ensuring that rig performance, safety approach, maintenance and      logistics requirements are coordinated with the clients well plans.​

This integrated service model provides maximum support to its clients well planning efforts, giving the client the opportunity to make optimal use of Sakson’s equipment, planning and drilling knowledge. A state-of-the-art Integrated Management System (SIMS) and HSE Guidelines are communicated and implemented throughout the organisation. A diligent implementation of this Integrated Management System, combined with a strict adherence of HSE Guidelines are the driving forces behind our success in achieving exceptional drilling performances. 

Sakson’s Drilling Fleet
Sakson operates a fleet of 11 rigs, eight of which are company owned. The capacity of the Sakson fleet ranges from 1,000HP truck-mounted units to 3,000HP rigs, with the capability to reach a maximum depth of 7,000 meters.