QHSE Standards & Certification

Sakson is committed to achieve on an ongoing basis, an outstanding QHSE performance. The Company is aware of the challenges to excel in the implementation of its integrated management system (SIMS), but it has the processes and procedures in place to reach and maintain its goal of optimising its contribution to the continued success of its clients, by working incident free, on-time and within budget.

In its drive to meet and exceed the applicable industry standards, Sakson provides to its employees training sessions and processes, as well as continually invests in best practices.

In addition, Sakson always works to ensure safe delivery of its services through a companywide commitment to implement SIMS which integrates QHSE into the company’s business philosophy.

SIMS was established to enhance Sakson’s performance, and to ensure that there is no deviation from standard technical procedures. SIMS ensures that all risks associated with different operational activities have been clearly identified, and either completely eliminated or minimised to As Low As Reasonably Practical Levels (ALARP)

SIMS demonstrates the Company’s firm commitment towards the protection of the environment and its drive to comply with applicable local regulations in each country it operates in.

The job description of each employee within Sakson specifies the responsibilities for the implementation of SIMS. Effective implementation of SIMS requires Sakson management to conduct routine and periodical audits, as well as the follow-up of any corrective actions taken.