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Sakson Rig SK602 (Turkmenistan)

On the 12th of August 2013, Sakson Drilling & Oil Services commenced - in the Turkmenistan sector of the Caspian Sea - the supply of one drilling rig, accommodation camp and catering services for its client Dragon Oil. Sakson’s 2000HP land rig, SK 602 along with its experienced crew has so far successfully drilled and completed 4 wells working to a maximum drilling depth of 4200 meters.

This project for SK602 and its crew, was completely unique. To fulfill the project requirements, Sakson-along with its client, had to design a bespoke 2000HP land rig that was salt and sea water resistant and that could be mobilized on to a custom made platform in the Turkmenistan sector of the Caspian Sea.

Erik Houllebergs, Sakson’s Vice President of Corporate Affairs and New Business Development comments on this challenging project. “Normally to execute such project in the Caspian Sea you would deploy a rig used to working offshore, however mobilizing such structure into the Caspian Sea is not easy.  First you have to bring the rig into the Black Sea via the Bosporus and from there to across Russia into the Volga-Don Channel and into the Volga River to reach the Caspian Sea. Meanwhile offshore drilling structures are throwing up problems, for instance the bridges located on the Bosporus are very low. So to overcome this you would need to partly dismantle your jack-up rig. Once that’s sorted, the narrowness of the Don Volga channel means that you would have to further dismantle the installation to load onto boats.”

“Then, once on location in the Turkmen Sector of the Caspian, you would need to start to assemble the structure, assembling a jack-up rig in such area is just not an option, given that there are no yards available capable of fabricating a jack-up rig.”

Combining the engineering strengths of our own people with that of our client, we came up with a cost-effective solution that meets the industry ISO specifications.”

Sakson prides itself on its ability to operate in challenging locations and this unique project is only a glimpse of what Sakson is able to achieve. Sakson. Sakson’s Drilling project in the Turkmenistan sector of the Caspian Sea is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2016.

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